CastleMiner is an Xbox LIVE Indie game, predecessor (and not to be confused) to the blockbuster indie game CastleMiner Z, developed by DigitalDNA Studios. It is currently available for 80 Microsoft Points, or $1 US currency. It is a game a lot like Minecraft, although you use your Xbox Avatar in the place of Minecraft avatars, and different features than Minecraft. You currently get unlimited blocks and you can unlock blocks by doing different tasks, similar to the 'Creative' mode in Minecraft. You can play online with you and up to 15 other people.


CastleMiner, in respective functions, is much like Minecraft, in the fact the levels are block based environments that player are able to manipulate to their will. As said, it is much more true to the "Creative" style of Minecraft, where players have much more of a variety of blocks they can use to construct anything they can imagine. There is no combat system, unlike it's zombie-based counterpart, so there is no such experience for hardcore players. It also can support up to 16 players, for enhanced gameplay. Unfortunately, CastleMiner does not come without it's issues, as it does contain much griefers and much of a young fanbase. Nonetheless, this game is a much more casual experience when it compares to CastleMiner Z and Minecraft.

Additional InformationEdit

  • Ranked #2 of the Xbox Live Marketplace, beat by it's sequel, CastleMiner Z.
  • Contains a promotional code for CastleMiner Z, which can be used (once bought with the game) to unlock a special "Creative Mode" for CastleMiner Z.
  • DigitalDNA also has an official Facebook page, which can be found here.