Delver is a first person action rouge-like indie game.  It's features include, random dungeons, random loot, random monsters, and unlimited replayability.  One adventure will not be anything like the next in Delver.
Delver Logo New

The Delver Logo


Delver is an indie game created by Chad Chuddigan, better know to people as Interrupt.  Interrupt started this game by doing a 48-hour game engin to see how Notch felt doing his 48-hour game engine.  Interrupt didn't get very far, but was inspired to keep going with his game, thus Delver was born.  Delver, in it's early Alpha, was free to play.  Now Delver is in it's Mid/Late Alpha and cost $5, which is well worth it.

Modding CapeabilitiesEdit

Delver is highly modable.  With this many players have created their own mods.  The Developer has even taken a few things from mods and incorperated them into the game.  The game has modding support so it is not very hard to install mods.  All you need is a free program called Winrar.
Delver - quick alpha runthrough

Delver - quick alpha runthrough

Delver: Note this is an outdated video from April 2012